Unitedhealthcare Participation Agreement

We will notify you as soon as your agreement is complete and you can begin to consider patients as UnitedHealthcare network providers. Please return your signed agreement as soon as possible. We then have it on hand, so that as soon as your registration request has been approved, we will be able to configure your contract in our system. It can take up to four weeks before the installation is complete. You must be authorized by the enrollment process and have a countersigned agreement before you can consider patients an authorized network provider. If you join a medical group that already has a participation agreement with UnitedHealthcare, you will not get a contract directly. Instead, you will be added to the group agreement as soon as your application for registration has been approved. DocuSign is an easy-to-use app that speeds up the contract process by checking and signing contracts via email – it replaces the need to print, sign, and send agreements back to us…

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Author: swillans