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Does she have the right to warn us to leave? Can we leave before the two-month notice without penalties? The lease is signed by all tenants, but the landlord has never signed it. Does this mean that we do not need to comply with the contractual conditions? I was told that another type of lease was needed for tenants who have lived in my properties for over three years. My lawyer says I only have to renew every six months for an indefinite period. Can you tell me who is right? We have a property that consists of a number of buildings, one of which is under a protected lease that we must either sell or renovate. We had informal discussions about this with the tenants, who suggested that they were ready to move. In such circumstances, we understand that we need to find “suitable alternative housing”, but we are not aware of what this means exactly. As for how, it would be another apartment that has a protected lease. The couple is older and we want to find a solution that is pleasant for all parties instead of ending up in court. But so far, the local authority has only said that we have to resign before they do anything.

To have possession of it, your mother must clear in case 1 – where the tenant has breached the rent or other obligations arising from the rental agreement. The difficulty lies in the fact that the Tribunal should examine the reason and suitability of the property sought. My tenants, who moved in three months ago with a guaranteed six-month short-term rental agreement, are separating. The woman and her children would like to stay and she says she will be able to pay. I`m pretty confident that it won`t be a problem, but I was advised to get a financial reference from her bank and ask for another deposit for her. She wants a new treaty and, in theory, I agree, subject to financial satisfaction. I recently moved into a property with a guaranteed six-month short-term rental agreement. According to the agreement, I must notify the owner at least two months in advance before cleaning, and I cannot give the termination until the four-month closure. All my communications so far have been with the real estate agent and I have not met the owner or spoken to him. I have been living in the property for just over a month. My current tenant, who has a fixed-term lease, has been in my property for almost 12 months.

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