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Notification The message by the administrator of the customer is made by indicating as complete information as possible, in particular: specification of the malfunction, in particular the time of the malfunction, the application environment and the situation, the frequency of the problem, the error messages, the type and version of the Internet browser used, the user ID, the priority level. 2. Registration disruptions shall be recorded centrally and shall be obtained an identification number. 3. Determine priority The priority of the disruption will be community / 3 1. Installing BES 10 Server Migration path to BES 10 (1) 0 Download BES 10 Server (server license is free and without duration): 10.html? LID=en:bb:business:productsservices:bes-10&LPOS=en: bb:business Page 1 of 9 tegos Support Content 1 Contact. 2 2 tegos Support Ticketing System. 2 3 Support Knowledge Database. 6 4 error classes. 65 Error handling.

76 service level. 8 7 Climbing. What result should the contractor achieve through the order? What are the details of the objectives and sub-objectives? How do service and service level relate to achieving goals? Maintain these points according to the SMART method. While the OLA is closed internally to fulfill an SLA, you enter into a contract with an external service provider subcontracting to the UC (“Underpinning Contract”). This means that the SLA contractor uses a CUS with a contractor who does so to maintain the agreed level of service for the contracting authority. These include guaranteed reaction times. The “multi-level SLA” can therefore be a combination of service-based and customer-based SLAs. The alpha and omega of good cooperation is the definition of clearly distributed responsibilities and a description of tasks formulated according to the service and needs. With our model service descriptions, this task is very easy for you and saves you a lot of time. DE Case No IV/M.1144 – WINTERTHUR / ARAG Only the German text is available and authentic.

REGULATION (EEC) No 4064/89 ON THE MERGER PROCEDURE Article 6(1)(b) NO OBJECTION Date: 14/04/1998 The Service Level Agreement is called in German as the Quality Service Agreement or Simplified Service Agreement. Indeed, an SLA is an agreement (in English: “agreement”) that defines the quality of a service (“service level”). The goal of an SLA is to record the quality of a service in measurable ratios. This level of service must be achieved by the contractor in the context of its activities for the contracting authority and, depending on the type of contract, possibly maintained over a longer period. Conditions of participation for the exchanges of young German-Russian Elbharmonie HafenCity- WG of 28. . . .

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