See Tenancy Agreement Before Payment

For example, tenants were required to seek the landlord`s permission before switching providers or allowing workers to enter the home without the tenants` permission. TIP: Take a look at our Buster rental jargon section, where you explain common terms you may encounter. A joint lease is suitable for those who rent with a signed contract, which means that they are all fully responsible for the rents. However, if a person withdraws, the responsibility lies with the remaining tenants, including rent arrears. Student rentals almost always include a secure short-term rental agreement for a fixed term of 12 months. In addition, there are two main types of leases that a landlord can offer to a group of students. However, the safest procedure is to follow the arla advice and not make any payments other than the immobilization bond. Remember that you are still required to pay the rent for the duration of your temporary lease, unless there is an interruption clause in your rental agreement. . . .

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