Sap Purchasing Rebate Agreement

The button displays the allowed cases associated with the status profile, i.e. “sharing agreement”, “block agreement”, or “Shared only for planning/simulation”. The revision number is the number assigned to the requirement of the agreement. The agreement number is automatically inserted in this box when an agreement is copied into a new agreement. Mass Ref. is a field that contracts reference information that is entered manually by a user when they submit mass updates or changes to the rules of the agreement. If this field is filled with data, it means that the rules in the agreement have been changed or updated using the mass processing feature. When the final settlement of a discount contract is made, the SAP system automatically calculates the discount on the basis of business volume statistics and flat-rate discounts (if applicable). Any discounts previously paid to this customer will also be deducted. Then, the system creates a credit application that can be shared by users and used to create the final credit.

Final settlement of discount agreements can be done manually, automatically or with a batch station (in the background). The button is used to check the rules of the agreement. It informs the user of the missing rules. Owner role options are set in the configuration and selected at the time of agreement. If no reference type is selected, the field for the new agreement is set to “Reference” by default. If discounts are less expensive, you do goods-related billing as credit accounting to create credit with the supplier as the payer. If a discount contract reflects a service provided to the supplier, you perform the billing as a receivable in order to establish an invoice for the supplier. If the terms of the agreement are reserved, the agreement can update the revision numbers if this is configured. The SAP discount agreement creates a transparent mechanism instead of having larger discounts for large customers and vice versa. Please note that attribute checks are done at the model level and not at the agreement level. A copy of an agreement can be saved first as an agreement, as an agreement with preview first, as an agreement request, or as a requirement for an agreement with preview. Discount agreements are established to offer special discounts to customers.

The main feature of this type of discount is that it is paid retroactively. The amount of the discount offered by discount agreements is determined on the basis of the customer`s sales volume over a specified period. Discount agreements to SAP are set out in the VBO1 transaction. You define the customer who receives the discount, the criteria on which the discount is based and the validity of the discount. Creating new discount agreements in the VB01 transaction, they can also have two active discount modes, i.e. if the supplier`s discount is for both a given amount and quantity. The button is used to check the overlap rules. This ensures that multiple agreements do not have the same rules for the same data. This can be configured as a warning or an error. The cheque can be picked up if necessary or upon check-in. For more information about how to process discounts at SAP, we recommend that you read the help documents on sap Help Portal.

Only available if at least one agreement is included in the research and work list. As a rule, parking is not involved in the purchase of discount scenarios. Fixed is the date on which the payment terms relating to the proof of purchase take effect. If you enter a date in this field, you cannot enter a value in the “add.value days” field. The extension type is used to classify the agreement by extension type, for example.B. . . . . .

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