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First, the Court has recognised the existence in Germany of logistical problems which impede the timely transfer of applicants and are under the control of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Secondly, it recalled that the members of the minor`s family have a subjective right of transfer within the six-month period, as required by Article 29 of the Dublin III Regulation and specified by the Court of Justice of the European Union in its judgment C-670/17 Mengesteab. Another study showed that the London agreement could be associated with an “increase in real per capita social spending on health, education, housing and economic development.” The stabilization of inflation has been a great advantage for the German economy. West Germany`s new currency, the German mark, was very unstable until 1953. After the signing of the agreement, it stabilized due to the cancellation of the German debt. West Germany`s transition from debtor to creditor in the mid-1950s also had an impact on economic growth in Germany. [11] The result of the agreement can be described as a German economic miracle. Germany accomplished all this while it was required to pay the full amount of war reparations (with interest) before the London conference and despite the presence of an arbitral tribunal. [9] EU interior ministers approved an agreement allowing US authorities to access the personal data of European passengers for up to fifteen years.

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