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To display the fa-file contract icon, add a predefined class name to the `i` tag, i.e. fa-file-contract (with fa- prefix). UI designers can import symbols directly into projects using the Iconify plug-in for Figma or the Iconify plug-in for Sketch. In the latest version of the Font Awesome package, fonts are now divided into 4 packages: solid symbols are free, regular symbols pay, light symbols are paid, and brands are free. Be sure to use the appropriate prefix, either fas for free solid symbols or fab for free symbol brands – see below their detailed CSS names. Our tip to quickly find a symbol in the large list of Font Awesome icons is to use your browser`s search function and search for words similar to the icon you want to find. There are most likely symbols for your needs, but they are called (only in English) with a different word than the one you think of first. Font Awesome 5`s list of free icons is huge and will most likely meet most of your design requirements! To display two symbols with a fixed width and height, we can use the class fa-fw. To animate the fantastic fa-file-contract with an 8-level rotation, use the fa-pulse icon with the fa-spin class. Complete list of Font Awesome symbols with symbols, CSS names and codes.

Iconify is the most versatile icon frame on the market. It offers syntax for over 80 popular icons that contain over 60,000 symbols. It can also be used with custom icons. The list of Font Awesome symbols continues to grow, and it`s a good idea to regularly check their sites what the latest package is available – and finally get a licensed package to access the entire collection, as the following list of Font Awesome symbols only contains those that can be used for free, both in the default package fa-fa icon and in the package fab-fa icon brands. That`s good, +1. This is the symbol you usually get when you search on Google. To pull the fa-file-contract icon to the left of the container, use the fa-pull-left class.n For example, fa-file-contract icon and fa-home might not have the same height and width. To add a frame to the fa-file contract icon, use the fa-border class. I would like to see a contract symbol. Thank you for the great work! – Kevin Use the fa-stack class on the top element, the fa-stack-1x for the full-size symbol and fa-stack-2x for the larger symbol….

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