Tenancy Agreement No Smoking

Don`t talk about garbage your walk, as you are a revenge on people who smoke, should deal on how to deal with non-smokers and smoking problems not for you all smokers who put a mail. When your building is transformed into a tobacco-free state, it is always important to respond to complaints about used smoke that migrates from “grandfather” units where smoking is still permitted in non-smoking units. A few steps to consider: I`m just trying to find out what can be done about smokers in the apartment below me when she moved in less than a year ago, she was told it wasn`t smoking, but could smoke outside the front door. She did this for a few weeks and then smoking inside, now I have no problem smoking with someone, because I know it`s hard to give, but it`s, as I said, a chain smoker and when her friends, who smokes outside the front door with her now smoking inside with her too, the building is old -transformed, so every time you smoke I smoke too, last night my throat was hurt, my eyes got hurt and I could not sleep because of the taste, yes taste – smell, if the smoke in my house, the owner told her 3 times now, she stops smoking inside for a while and then goes back to do it inside. I even write to my neighbors when it starts to get bad, I shouldn`t do this, my life now becomes a misery for me, my house is beautiful, expensive carpets and good quality furniture and clothes start to smell all, I lived here almost 4 years and I don`t want to leave because it`s a beautiful neighborhood house. So does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to stop this please? Very interesting information, thank you to everyone who contributed to it. My wife and I live on the top floor of a renovated two-storey townhouse. We separated the entrance from the other tenants, but all that separates us from them are floor slabs. As it is an old building, there are burnt-out areas in a number of rooms, they are set up, but I think they are also shared by the rooms on the ground floor. Unfortunately for us, the tenants under the smoke and not just tobacco. During the winter months, they tend to smoke indoors or lean out the window. Our rooms stink of smoke and we are regularly effective from the illicit substances they smoke.

They will often stand at their door, but as we have a window just above, it is not good. The windows are old blackouts and do not hold back the smoke. We asked them to be more attentive, but they are going back to old ways. We don`t have any other problems with them, so we don`t want to break down with them. Our T/C condition that smoking is not allowed, which I consider to be the same for them, has laws in the UK to say how far away they should be from the building when they smoke outside, because we are both affected by their smoking. (especially “funny things”) We interview propective tenants for individual rooms in our BTL and two have complained about the smell of tobacco on the top floor. So we risk losing revenue. We also have a loophole in the rental agreement, which is why the smoker violates the agreement. For at least two reasons, do we have the right to make commitments and/or to demand damages? One way to manage the damage caused by a smoking tenant is to charge a premium rent. There is not much to do, maybe 5%, just enough to cover the renovation costs. As I`ve said before, 1 in 5 people still smoke, so tolerant can be an owner can give the market a chance if you have nothing against regularly redecorating.

In this context, we should add an optional clause to our free lease or include a non-smoking clause in the agreement as the standard. Please post your views below or respond to the survey on the owners` forum or participate in the discussion on our Property Hawk Facebook page. Well, well, well. Smokers are addicted. They should be more respectful of things that don`t belong to them, and they`re

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