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We are proud to implement our revised service level agreement, which provides schools and academies with the opportunity to get the full support of our core team and acquire a number of services tailored to your needs. The Diocesan Office of Education (DBE) is currently offering quality improvements to the school More than 95% of the diocese`s ecclesiastical schools now buy our support and more and more schools are now seeking our services. The assistance provided in this service contract is provided by a team of experienced officers, including school counsellors with head experience and OFSTED and SIAMS training. The team also includes specialists in premises, admissions and appeals, religious pedagogy, governance and administration. We thank God for everything you do and wish you all the blessings in your work to ensure the best possible education for all the disciples and families we serve together in the name of Christ. Subscribe to our service contract means that we can be there for you if you put us attaining security for the welfare of network staff or students, hardware or software problems, which is a set of the user in a single building extension of computer equipment in buildings, must be approved by the Director of Information Technology in consultation with the appropriate administrators. Computer equipment (for example. B iPad, iPod and documentary cameras), originally acquired through grants or direct service funds, are replaced by appropriate recycling systems and are treated as secondary investment devices when additional grants or departmental funds are not available to replace them with new equipment. ITS reserves the right to remove unsavory software if it is assumed that the software is causing a recurring problem on a system supported by its own in a district. Information Technology Service Level Agreement (SLA) Critical Applications that don`t work for the entire district – Target response time is defined as the time between receiving the call and the time a support technician member starts working on the problem.

Because of the wide variety of problems and the methods needed to solve them, response time is NOT defined as the time between receiving a call and solving problems.

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