Sec Form 8-K Material Definitive Agreement

Question: If an agreement that was not essential to the registrant`s entry date became a document at a later date, will the registrant have to submit a 1.01 Form 8-K when the agreement enters into force on the effective date of the agreement? Position 4.01 is essentially identical to the old item 4 on Form 8-K and requires disclosure of the resignation, dismissal or commitment of the company`s independent accountant. Like all legal paperwork, Form 8-K inc affords costs to businesses. There are the costs of preparing and submitting forms, as well as possible penalties for filing non-fees. While this is only a small part of the problem, the need to submit Form 8-K also discourages small businesses from going public. Requiring companies to provide information helps investors make better decisions. However, it can reduce its investment opportunities if the burden on businesses becomes too heavy. Question: A final contract expires on June 30, 200X. It provides that each party can extend the contract for a new one-year term, until June 30, if it sends an extension notice to the other party in January, and the other party does not object to that notification in February. If neither party sends a notice of renewal in January, which means that the contract expires on June 30, is a post-deposit bid required in paragraph 1.02, para. 8-K? Answer: Yes. Point 5.02 (5) requires a brief description of the compensation agreements entered into by the appointed director and other agreements and agreements, even if they are in accordance with the standard agreements and agreements previously disclosed by the registrant for non-employee directors.

Instead of describing a plan, contract or agreement in which the director participates or participates (but no substantial changes, grants or grants or amendments), the registrant may refer the description of that plan, contract or disclosure agreement to 402 in the company`s last annual report on Form 10-K or the corresponding voting statement. [May 29, 2009] Question: A registrant intends to terminate a compensation plan for executives. Section 5.02, point (e), requires that substantial changes or amendments to compensation agreements be disclosed on Form 8-K. Does this position require the disclosure of plans? Question: The registrant`s board of directors adopts a cash bonus plan, which involves designated executives. No specific performance criteria, performance goals or bonus opportunities were communicated to program participants. Does the adoption of such a plan require advertising in accordance with Point 5.02 (e) of Form 8-K? Form 8-K is a very broad form used to inform investors in U.S. public companies of certain events that may be important to shareholders or the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. This is one of the most common types of forms that are submitted to the SEC. Following a major event such as the bankruptcy or departure of a CEO, a limited company is normally required to submit an updated report on Form 8-K within four business days to update the quarterly reports previously submitted on Form 10-Q and/or management reports on Form 10-K. [1] Answer: No. Point 5.07 (b) does not require publication of the number of votes not voted by the broker with respect to the advisory vote on the frequency of shareholder advisory votes on executive compensation.

If an entity believes that this information would be useful to investors, it may disclose this information in point 5.07 (b). [July 8, 2011] 208.02 A company does not agree with the legality of a payment notification and takes the matter to an arbitration tribunal in accordance with its rights, in accordance with the terms of the applicable loan agreement.

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