Jetblue Interline Agreement

On October 18, 2019, JetBlue and Norwegian Air Shuttle announced a draft Interline agreement that would allow the sale of jointly issued tickets that would come into effect in 2020 if the two airlines agree. The partnership is used by all airlines already present at New York-JFK, Boston and Fort Lauderdale airports. [143] Also in 2010, JetBlue entered into interline booking agreements with South African Airways[137] and American Airlines[138] to facilitate the transfer of baggage between airlines for passengers with connections to another airline. The agreement with American included the 18 JetBlue destinations that were not served by the 12 international flights from New York-JFK and La Logan from Boston. In addition, American JetBlue donated 8 Round Trips Slots from Washington National to D.C. and 2 from Westchester, New York. In return, JetBlue gave the Americans six laps of New York-JFK. According to JetBlue`s website, the contract with American Airlines has been terminated. [139] This is not Interline`s first Interline agreement. Last year, the airline announced a similar deal with Emirates.

This has allowed the Mexican airline to offer the world of destinations operated by the Emirati airline. As Mexico`s fastest growing international airline, Interjet offers 55 destinations in 10 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. The airline has other partnership agreements with other airlines such as Alitalia, All Nippon Airways (ANA), American Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Air Canada, LATAM Group, Iberia, Lufthansa, Hainan Airlines, Qatar Airlines and Japan Airlines. In 2008, JetBlue collaborated with Irish airline Aer Lingus to allow passengers to alternate on a single ticket for flights to New York JFK or Boston. Unlike traditional codeshare agreements, the partnership did not allow airlines to sell seats directly on each other`s flights, so customers initiated the purchase on one airline`s website and then transferred it to the other site to close the transaction. [133] [134] JetBlue has signed a bilateral interline agreement with Mexican airline Interjet, which means that airlines can sell their flights and passengers can check tickets and baggage on connecting flights via airlines. Interjet, which applies 55 destinations across The Americas, has also entered into Interline agreements with Alitalia, British Airways, All Nippon Airways, Lufthansa, Hainan Airlines, Emirates, Japan Airlines, Eva Air, Hahn, Air Canada, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and Qantas, as well as codeshare agreements with American Airlines, Iberia and Latam. The mexican low-cost carrier is well aware of the importance of the cross-border market between Mexico and the United States. With the new Interline agreement signed with JetBlue, Interjet can now offer up to 65 destinations in the United States and a number of other destinations in the Caribbean. “We are very pleased to announce another very important interline agreement between Interjet and JetBlue,” said Julio Gamero, Interjet`s Commercial Director. This partnership will allow passengers from both airlines to access more amazing destinations in the U.S. and Mexico, while JetBlue`s business and leisure travelers will be able to experience our unique low-priced brand with free checked baggage at selected rates, business-class legroom between each seat and excellent service.” he added.

On July 16, 2020, JetBlue and American Airlines announced a strategic partnership, including code-sharing agreements between airline networks and additional benefits for their respective loyalty programs. [77] Mexican airline Interjet has signed an Interline contract with the low-cost carrier JetBlue.

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