Apartment Owners Association Of California Rental Agreement

5 The owner may require that future payments be made in a form other than a personal cheque in the case of a returned cheque. 4. DE DÉPÔTS SECURITY: the deposit must not exceed twice the monthly rent of unfurnished dwellings or three times the monthly rent for furnished dwellings. The sum of the above deposits guarantees compliance with the terms of this ACCORD and is refunded to RESIDENT within twenty-one days of the complete evacuation of the premises; deducted from the amount required to pay: (a) unpaid rent, b) cleaning costs, c) replacement costs, (d) repair costs for damages incurred by housing and/or public spaces through normal wear and tear and (e) any other amount authorized by law by the terms of this ACCORD. LEASE AND/OR LEASING . Renter/renter/agent: `Apartment number` – Mieter/Lessee: Mieter/Lessee: `Apartment number: `Apartment address:` Location: `State_____, Zip_____. Monthly rental rate: .- This ACCORD starts on and continues: (check one below). Rental due date: A. Monthly Agreement Caution: .

Until this date, one month becomes the longest rent: . . . month after written permission from the lessor. If the tenant moves in front of the car park: – the expiry date of the premises, he is responsible for the total rent due until the apartment is occupied: – by a resident approved by the landlord and/or expiration of that period, depending on the shortest period. Commission, Pennsylvania, Agreement, Turnpike, Pennsylvania turnpike commission e zpass, Zpass, Pennsylvania turnpike commission e zpass agreement 7 ONLY the following people AND/OR Animals, AND NO OTHER Will occupy the dwelling for more than 14 days, unless the owner`s explicit written consent is obtained in advance (the 14-day period may be extended by the local rent control law): RESIDENT pays an additional rent of 25% per month or 25% (or the amount allowed under rental control) of the current monthly rent; what is the highest amount, for the period during which any additional customer who goes beyond the above must occupy the premises. Resident pays the same additional monthly rent for each additional animal that exceeds the animals that occupy the premises. Acceptance of a client`s rent or consent supplement does not waive a requirement of this ACCORD or transform a client`s status into a resident. When renting your California rental property, additional details about the lease may be required, in which case you can add these details to the lease as part of the contract.

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